Sunday, September 13, 2015

August 7, 2015 -- Dr. Bains Consultation

     My sister and I flew into Oakland, CA to talk with Dr. Bains. Dr. Bains is the California doctor that Dr. Jenkins (my doctor in WA) told us to talk to about my surgery. This is the doctor that would be working alongside Dr. Jenkins if I decided to go along with Kaiser to fix my back. Now remember, Dr. Jenkins told us multiple times that only a vertebrectomy is possible. That Dr. Bains couldnt provide me with a full reduction.

     So my sister and I were prepared to fight Dr. Bains to approve our appeal to Kaiser to get my surgeries done with Dr. Edwards II. When we get to our appointment, we were thrown through a loop. Dr. Bains told us that he in fact can provide me with the type of surgery that Dr. Edwards II would do. But there are a couple of things different. He said that he (and multiple other surgeons) would do the reduction in 1 day rather than 3. Also, that he wouldn't place the L5 right on top of the sacrum, he would leave it sort of on the edge and secure it with screws. And on the subject of screws, he informed us that he studied Dr. Edwards II's technique with screws and that there was a high chance of stress fracture in my bones because of the type of screws and where they would be placed. I asked him why wouldn't he just do the full reduction if he's moving my L5 up anyways? He said that there's a higher risk of nerve damage if the did the full reduction. He kept reiterating that the angle of my spine in relation to my pelvis was more important than putting my body back to its original design.

      In the end we were not able to talk to him about providing us with proof of consent because there was no way he would take our side if he's able to provide us basically with the same type of surgery we're asking to get somewhere else. His talk of stress fracture and nerve damage didn't sway my decision of going with Dr. Edwards II. Dr. E II has had way more experience with my type of condition and how to deal with it than Dr. Bains. So of course, even with the risks, I have complete trust that Dr. Edwards II will be able to provide me with a better outcome than Dr. Bains.

     I have provided another GIF. This one shows Dr. Bains outcome:

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