Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 24, 2014: Hiking 2014

That's right! I went on a 4 mile hike!! And guess what! Not a single amount of pain. Not during and not for a week afterwards! And that pain was slight. SWEET MERCY!!! Yet another miracle from God. He let me really enjoy Triple Falls Hike. I was constantly worried that my back was going to give out. BUT IT DIDN'T!!! WOO HOO!!! So I plan on finding more hikes to go on. :D Especially since its spring! OOO OOO! Mt. Rainier!! I will definitely have to go there soon!! XD

So let this post be an encouragement to anyone out there with Spondyloptosis (or any other painful conditions). There is hope that God can at least heal you enough to let you go on wonderful hikes and any other fun excursions! God bless!

April 24, 2014: God's Double Visit

Wow. I can't believe I posted almost a year and a half ago! I didn't imagine having so much come up in my life that it would deter from doing this. Can't let stuff get in the way...

Anyways. I thought that I should post about some amazing stuff that happened to me a few years ago.

April 2010-ish: My back pain had been continuous. Throbbing, pinching, numbness. Ug, it makes me shiver remembering the horrible moments trying to distract myself from the pain. One night, I was just laying in bed. Staring at the ceiling. I could feel my 4th Lumbar vertebrae uncomfortably sticking into my mattress, trying to find a soft spot in between the springs. *Sigh* Another day of back pain. Another night of rubbing the nerves in my legs to get rid of the pain. Black out, I was asleep. Suddenly I was drifting in Dream Land. Ah, Dream Land. A bittersweet place that sometimes provided good dreams or terrifying nightmares. And other times... strange shapes swirling in mixing colors... This night it was a terra of randomness. Nothing memorable or understandable. When out of nowhere this huge hand from heaven appeared and slapped my back. I woke up with a jolt! Full of energy and without a doubt I knew it was the Hand of God I started to pray. I just kept praying and praying and had an urge to wake up my mom so we could pray together. But I started to feel really bad at the thought of waking my mom up for possibly no good reason. The next few minutes of prayer were amazing. I could feel my back straightening! I could feel it moving up and my L5 vertebrae finally placing itself in its rightful place on top of my L4. I wanted to feel my back but was scared that it was all in my imagination. So I just kept on praying until I fell asleep. The next morning I got up really excited because I thought for sure that I was healed. My hand flew fro my lower back to feel it. Alas, I was not healed. I continued laying there in utter despair. Complete and utter sadness. How could I not be healed!? How could I not be healed after what I experienced!!? After a few moments of wretched silence I decided it was time to get up. Time to feel my nerves pinching and my back hurting from laying on one side too long. I slowly rolled out of bed. Hm. No pain... Ok, maybe its just because my brain hasn't caught up with me yet. I'll start feeling the pain anytime now. I walk to the bathroom and go through my daily routine of waking up... Still no pain! The energy just started to burst through me! I could do anything! I quickly run to my mom and tell her of the night that I had and I bend over to show that I could almost touch my toes! (A feat I haven't been able to do for many years!) Then I do something else I haven't been able to do in years! I run to our field and just start running in circles. Running! For about 15 minutes. And guess what? I didn't stop because of back pain. I stopped because my lungs finally gave up. Sweet glorious pain that didn't involve my leg nerves or my lower back. What a sweet sweet change for once!! My back didn't hurt like that for a little over a year. I played volleyball with no pain. Went on small hikes with no pain. The mall!! WITH NO PAIN!! Oh glorious day!

September 2012: Lying in my bed again. My back had started to hurt again. I felt weepy. How could I be feeling pain again? Back again to the achy mornings. Imagine feeling like a grandma practically every day of your youth! Sleep seemed to be my only true escape. So after a few minutes of finding a comfortable position, I finally was exploring more of Dream Land's weird areas. When again, a mighty hand came down and slapped my back. I woke up with a jolt remembering the same experience two years ago. I started to pray. This time I decided to wake up my mom and ask her to pray with me. I really didn't want to. But I was afraid that if I didn't then I wouldn't be healed. So I went upstairs, woke up my mom and told her what happened. She quickly got up and woke up my sisters and brother and asked if they could pray with us. So we went into our living room and we prayed for about an hour. I was sure that with this many people praying and the mystical hand visiting my dreams again, I would be healed for sure. But that didn't happen. Not even in the morning when I woke up. But this time I wasn't sad about not being healed. I was just happy I got a second visit from God. It gave me strength to continue believing that one day God will heal me.